Farewell to Woody

Giants 左投 Kirk Rueter 今天宣布退休! 對現在的 Woody 來說,最重要的是他的家庭。他當然還是能投的,在 off-season 有一些球隊給他 minor-league offer,其中之一包括離他家只要 45 分鐘的紅鳥。不過在紅鳥把 Sindey Ponson 簽下來之後,也代表了 Woody 可以競爭紅鳥先發投手的機會變的更小了,而 Woody 又不想去別的球隊打球。
"Where I come from, it's pretty important to have your family here and close to you," Rueter said by phone from Hoyleton. "That was probably the major factor. The main team I was trying to play for was St. Louis just because I wanted to be as close to home as possible. When that didn't work out, even though other teams were calling, it didn't seem like it would be good for me because once I got away from my family it was going to be difficult."
Woody 是一個很神奇的球員,他的 "fast"ball 只有 85mph 上下,靠著邊邊角角的控球生存,不過他就是靠著他的本事在大聯盟生存了十三年。關於自己,Woody 是這樣說的:
"I know I didn't have the best fastball, so-called stuff. I always wanted to know what that stuff was. I went out and competed, and when I went out there I wanted my teammates and coaches to have confidence that the team had a chance to win today."
謝謝 Woody 這幾年來為 Giants 付出的一切,大耳朵你辛苦了 <(_ _)> Woody in Giants
  • 1614 IP
  • 281 Games
  • 105 Wins
  • 80 Loss
  • 4.32 ERA
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