2007 San Francisco Giants Prospects

John Sickels 的 Giants Top 20 Prospects 出來了,看來我們今年選進的 Lincecum 果然是相當不錯選擇。不過看看之後的 prospects,我們的農場還是一如往常的一堆投手,沒啥野手。這種狀況不知道還要繼續多久才行 orz 2007 San Francisco Giants Prospects
   1. Tim Lincecum, RHP, Grade A  (terrific)
   2. Jonathan Sanchez, LHP, Grade B  (a solid pitcher if he stays healthy)
   3. Marcus Sanders, 2B, Grade B (this assumes that his shoulder injury was
      the cause of his problems last year. I am not certain of this grade and
      am open to arguments either way).
   4. Billy Sadler, RHP, Grade B- (I like him best of all the middle relief
   5. Kevin Frandsen, 2B, Grade B- (is this too high?)
   6. Eddy Martinez-Esteve, OF, Grade B- (this assumes good health)
   7. Emmanuel Burriss, SS, Grade B- (borderline C+ but draft status boosts
      him a bit)
   8. Fred Lewis, OF, Grade C+ (I like him better than this grade implies but
      he's getting old for a prospect)
   9. Nate Schierholtz, OF, Grade C+ (I keep going back and forth on this guy)
  10. Travis Ishikawa, 1B, Grade C+ (Good glove, mediocre bat for a first
  11. Brian Wilson, RHP, C+  (another middle relief candidate)
  12. Brian Anderson, RHP, C+ (another middle relief candidate)
  13. Eugenio Velez, OF, C+ (added to 40-man roster after strong '06 but
      already 24)
  14. Ben Copeland, OF, C+ (possible fourth outfielder eventually, perhaps
      should be grade C)
  15. Osiris Matos, RHP, C+ (another middle relief candidate)
  16. Clayton Tanner, LHP, C+ (young pitcher a long way away)
  17. Antoan Richardson, OF, C+ (speed demon but can he hit at higher levels?)
  18. Justin Hedrick, RHP, C  (another middle relief candidate)
  19. Joseph Martinez, RHP, C  (good control)
  20. Jesse Floyd, RHP, C  (interchangeable with guys below)